Prayer is obligatory for every person on the surface earth.In Isaiah 62: 6-7 The Lord commanded the people how to pray harder on all the time.I have set watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem, which shall never never hold their peace day or night. It was very hard for me to believe that God exists? My name is LINDA BARNETT CARLTON barren for 45 years, without children, and I also have difficulties in my life, my marriage.This testimonies.I searched the Internet, I came across a pastor .Enoch .A Adeboye [I said that you should be made general] This article was published by one of his pastor [PST.WILLIAMS OKODUDU EM] I contacted him through; REDEEMEDCHRISTIANCHURCH81@GMAIL.COM He told me that EA .Adeboye is the founder / president of the redeemed Christian Church of God [RCCG] I emailed Pastor Williams OKODUDU EM I told him most of my problems, he said that God is awesome, and it told me that he was going for 3 [three] days of dry fasting for me, for the next 2 [two] months.I went to the hospital to see a doctor, he confirmed that I 3 [three] weeks of pregnancy, as well as God arrested my husband, to God be the glory, he is born a Christian. Today I have two children. You can contact Pastor WILLIAMS OKODUDU @ REDEEMEDCHRISTIANCHURCH81@GMAIL.COM~~HEAD=dobj advice and prayers you hear Ted broken or confused Are you going through a difficult experience, and you need advice and support? Do you have any spiritual questions, need clarity from? Is there some kind of sexual and emotional problems, you struggle with? Miracles and Healing Supernatural turn around through the soul escapes victory, Anointing and financial penetration of the solution God is our HOPE AND SAVIOR– ———————— – ———————– PST WILLIAMS OKODUDU EM I want to especially appreciate all of you in the name of the lord, love and courtesy to invite you to share your testimony and give the greatest honor the almighty God